• Judith Kamau

Auditory Processing Disorder Checklist

Are you a concerned parent wondering if your child may have Auditory Processing Disorder?

This checklist covers the fundamental features of auditory processing and the impact on the child and his or her ability to process information as well as self confidence and self-esteem.

The checklist is also a screening tool to determine whether auditory processing difficulties are evident. If 7 or more items are ticked this indicates the student is at risk of an auditory processing disorder.

Some of the difficulties a child suffering from Auditory Processing disorder will include

  1. pay attention/listen to instructions more than 50% of the time

  2. Does not listen carefully to instructions and it is often necessary to repeat directions

  3. Says “what?”, “huh?” or “pardon?” at least five times per day

  4. Struggles to listen to an auditory stimulus for more than a few seconds (e.g. long stories or instructions)

  5. Has a short attention span.

  6. Appears to daydream – attention drifts from time to time

  7. Is easily distracted by background noise

To download the full checklist click here


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