Does Your Child Show These Difficulties?


Is This Your Child?


What is Auditory Processing Disorder?


Auditory Processing is what our brains do with what our ears hear.

Speech and language delays are the most common early external signs of an auditory processing disorders in children.

Dyslexia and auditory processing disorder symptoms often occur together.


Poor Listening Skills

Common Issues

Are you constantly repeating instructions for your child? Do you feel that your child “tunes out” or is in a “world of their own”? Is your child falling behind his or her peers academically?

Difficulties with Learning

Frustrations in the Classroom

Children get distracted by background noise, cannot listen accurately and speedily to comprehend and follow speech. Phonemic awareness, phonics and following directions hinder progress in the classroom.

Mistaken Diagnosis

Proven Interventions

Auditory Processing Disorder can often be confused with behaviour problems, adjustment difficulties, and immaturity. Neuron Learning's Fast ForWord Home’s reading intervention program targets these areas directly with strategies, exercises and activities that address processing speed and accuracy.


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Fast ForWord

Improving Auditory Processing Speed in the Context of Language and Reading Exercises

Children with auditory processing disorder can be helped by the Fast ForWord program. 

Its digitally 'stretched' sounds give the brain more time to process speech sounds (phonemes). As the student's auditory processing ability improves, Fast ForWord progressively speeds up the sounds to the pace of natural speech.

  • Adaptive exercises train the brain to process subtle differences in sounds

  • Personalized for 80% success, 20% challenge rate for optimal improvement

  • Sound training is in the context of grammar, vocabulary, and reading exercises: sounds are stretched and amplified for easy discrimination




This programme really works! We signed our 10 yr old son, who has APD, up, and saw changes within a couple of weeks. His comprehension, attention, memory and articulation all improved....

Esther McDermot via Facebook

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